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Helen’s Hints: Top Ways to Top a Scone

Posted by Helen's European Cuisine on 1 March 2022
Helen’s Hints: Top Ways to Top a Scone

Jam and cream may reign supreme but almost anything goes when it comes to topping a scone. Helen’s has baked handmade, light-as-a-feather scones for almost 30 years and supplied them to everyone from cosy country cafes to major international sporting events.

Shoot to the top of your topping game with Helen’s hints for serving and selling scones that are guaranteed to get tastebuds tingling.



Swap out traditional strawberry jam for a preserve using native Australian ingredients such as rosella, Lilly Pilly or Davidson plum. Consider also bush honey, finger lime and lemon myrtle preserves or macadamia nut butter. For a cheeky savoury twist, try an Aussie classic - Vegemite and cheese (pop it under the grill for 30 seconds until the cheese melts and bubbles).



Lemon curd is an increasingly popular topping that can be made zestier with the addition of tart limes. Marmalade is also a great substitute for a berry-based jam, whether it’s traditional orange, vibrant blood orange, tangy tangelo or lime and ginger. How about a dollop of cream or thick custard spiked with citrus zest and juice too?



When strawberries aren’t in season, branch out and experiment with different berry flavours: a drizzly raspberry coulis, chunky blackberry compote or blueberries oven-roasted with vanilla bean.



Evoke the comfort of a grandparent’s kitchen or the fetes and fairs of yesteryear by topping warmed scones with melting butter and a generous drizzle of golden syrup, treacle or natural honeycomb.



Lean into current kitchen trends and embrace flavours tickling the tastebuds of today’s consumers. How about a thick smear of dulce de leche caramel or warmed hazelnut spread? Alternatively, use jam but pair it with peanut butter or keep the cream and couple it with crushed cookies.



Level up your scone game by looking to popular desserts for inspiration:

·      Banoffee: top a layer of caramel spread with sliced bananas and whipped cream.

·      Rocky Road: smear hazelnut spread then sprinkle with mini marshmallows and chopped nuts. Turn it into a S’mores scone by heating the hazelnut spread and toasting the marshmallows with a brûlée torch or under a hot grill.

·      Black Forest: dollop fresh whipped cream on a base of cherry jam or compote and finish with shaved dark        chocolate and a maraschino cherry.

·      Tiramisu: smear with coffee-infused mascarpone then drizzle with chocolate fudge sauce.



Cream is queen but it’s also right-royal fun to experiment with tantalising alternatives such as cultured crème fraîche, whipped ricotta, cream cheese, coconut cream, vegan and plant-based cream substitutes or thick Greek yoghurt swirled with a ribbon of honey. Let your imagination run wild and spike your cream - or cream alternative - with flavours such as lavender, wattle seed, vanilla bean or cinnamon.



No rule says a scone must be served exclusively as a sweet treat. Opposites attract so consider striking a tasty balance with savoury flavours such as:

·      Caramelised onion jam with sharp vintage cheddar

·      Olive tapenade with crumbled feta

·      Avocado and wood-smoked salmon slices

·      Tomato chutney and shaved leg ham

·      Fig jam with blue cheese and prosciutto


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