Our Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Helen's European Cuisine!


"I’m always ordering this banana breadHelen’s is the best banana bread we’ve ever had. Generous serving sizes and it’s the best seller in our entire sweets range all weather, all year round. It's a great product, fits our needs, no doubt about it."
Frank, La Grava
“The Helen’s Corn and Zucchini Fritters are so popular, we serve them as a stack, they’re one of our customers favourite items on our menu. Another one of our best seller’s is the Coconut & Mango Loaf, this one is gone as soon as we put it out and we love that mango smell that permeates throughout the cafe when it’s toasted.”
Hayley, One Table Café

“Over the past four years I have used Helen’s European Cuisine as our main supplier. They carry an extensive range of products and they are more than happy to help with new products at my request. I love to hear about how great the products are all the time from our customers. The products are always consistent and especially the Coconut & Mango Loaf which is my favourite. I would highly recommend them to any business in the hospitality industry.”

Nicolas, Brizstar

Our customers expect high quality from us and Helen’s products offer a point of difference from the standard options available. We first started stocking Helen’s products about five years ago, gradually increasing our range and now we rotate through a large variety of Helen’s savoury and sweet lines. Many of these products make their way into our customer’s daily orders. Our team loves the convenience and consistent high quality of each product and enjoys receiving regular positive feedback from our customers.”

Tom, Under The Clock

“I have a very small kitchen facility / space. For a small business like us, it’s convenient, the quality is like home made. I trust the product quality / variety, it tastes delicious, if you don’t have professional chef, economy is good.

We were immigrants from Korea, did not know the Australian food culture, was a good starting point.

No extra equipment to purchase to plate the product. It works well for us at Crema Café. Consistency in quality and trust.”

Michelle, Crema Café