a few words about us

At Helen’s European Cuisine, we’re proud to do things differently. First and foremost, we’re a family-run company – which means we stand by the quality and taste of every product that has our name on it. And secondly, we’re committed to providing exceptional customer service, to help make it easier for you to provide your own customers with the very best food.

Our story started more than 20 years ago with our founder Helen Zeniou, who began making delicious Mediterranean-inspired dishes – such as handmade lasagnes, pastries and quiches – and selling them to a single coffee shop. Word of mouth quickly spread, and now Helen’s European Cuisine is the leading provider of premium-quality European-inspired food to cafes, delis, restaurants, hotels and beyond.

We’re incredibly proud that even after all these years, Helen’s products are still made by hand, not machines. Our dedicated team works tirelessly day after day in our state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane to craft our signature savory and sweet products with love, and we really believe you can taste the difference. We’re passionate about using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and are constantly working to come up with new, innovative offerings. We delight in providing you and your customers with the finest-quality food – straight from our kitchen to yours.

Thanks for being part of the Helen’s family.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together through a love of food. As Australia’s most trusted manufacturer of quality savory and sweet products, we’re passionate about providing a range of products that offer premium quality, consistency and convenience – backed up by exceptional customer service.

Our Products

Helen's European Cuisine provides an extensive and versatile range of gourmet savoury products, as well as a select range of gourmet sweets. Our products are diverse and available in a range of sizes, from individual portions and bite-sized finger foods, to large display cabinet items. Our products reach a widespread marketplace, available from up-market cafes, delicatessens, hotels and pubs, plus other outlets supplied by our vast network of independent distributors.

At Helen's European Cuisine we are devoted to ensuring the highest levels of quality, taste, consistency and service. This dedication is evident throughout our production, manufacturing and distribution processes. From the very beginning, fresh produce is hand-picked from local markets and premium ingredients sourced from quality suppliers. Produce is meticulously washed, sorted and sliced, then mixed and cooked with other fine ingredients to create our mouth-watering fillings and sauces. The various mixes are then hand-assembled into our quality selection of pastries and doughs, laid out on trays and oven-baked until golden brown. After cooking, products are snap frozen and carefully packed to ensure maximum freshness.

Our Values

Our founder Helen lends her name to every single product that leaves our factory, which means we never compromise on the quality or taste of the food we make. Helen’s European Cuisine is a family-run company at its heart, built on the values of trust, respect and integrity.

Helen's Guarantee

Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers is our priority. If you or your customers are not happy with any of the products included in the first Helen’s order you receive, we will refund 100% of the invoice value, guaranteed.

National Delivery

Whilst our products are hand made in Brisbane our delivery network extends across the country.

Hand made with love

Made by people, not machines. We think you can taste the love that goes into every one of our products.

Fresh ingredients

Wherever possible all our ingredients are source from local farmers. Helping the industry and keeping to our fresh promise.