Privacy Policy

Applicable Scope
This privacy policy relates to website visitors, existing clients, prospects, leads, trade show enquires and referrals to Helens European Cuisine. The privacy policy also includes any recipient of Helens European Cuisine marketing materials and Individuals and entities who exchange information with any Helens European Cuisine administrative staff or field representatives.
Personal Data Collection
To effectively operate our website, keep existing clients up to date, market to prospects, leads and engage with trade show enquires and referrals, Helens European Cuisine collects personal and professional information from individuals and businesses. This information is collected, stored maintained and deleted in accordance with our privacy policy and GDPR.
How & What Data We Collect
We collect information from; website cookies, telephone conversations, electronically and verbally through various means in the normal course of business. This information includes but is not limited to; names, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and general notes including marketing materials provided, appointments attended and product order history. The totality of this information is called the client profile.
Marketing Permissions
In accordance with best practice for Australian businesses, Helens European Cuisine manages a register of Opt ins and Opt outs for all individuals and business within the applicable scope of this privacy policy and in any case who’s profile is stored. Marketing permission (opt ins) is deemed to have been consented to from any individuals or businesses included in the applicable scope through the corresponding interaction. Individuals or businesses who wish to rescind (opt out) of marketing permission can email call or unsubscribe to Helens European Cuisine marketing at any time.
Once an individual or business has unsubscribed they will no longer receive general marketing materials, whoever if the individual or business is an existing customer contact will still be made about account related matters, new product lines and other significant operational updates to Helens European Cuisine products and services. Further to this the client profile is require d to be stored for a term of 5 years in record form (none active) in compliance with Australian tax law.
Modifications To This Policy

From time to time this privacy policy will be updated in accordance with Australian law and compliance with best practice GDPR. Updates including retroactive updates that may be made without notice and such updates will come into effect immediately.

For further information or to lodge a complaint, please contact Helens European Cuisine Data compliance officer here