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Understanding Your Clients Protein Requirements

Posted by Eleni Zeniou, Dietitian (B.Nut & Diet. APD) on 29 May 2023
Understanding Your Clients Protein Requirements

What does an 18-year-old boy and his 70 year old grandfather have in common?

They both need the same quantity of protein each day. The difference is, as we age our appetite levels and ability to taste foods decrease, making it harder to meet the amount of protein our bodies require. This is why it is important to ensure all food is enriched to nourish residents.

For our aged care customers, it is about packing as much protein and nutrients into a standard sized portion to support healthy aging and nutrition outcomes. Helen’s have a range of high protein products that support the maintenance of muscle mass and healthy bones. Using locally sourced ingredients, we pack as much nutrition into our products as possible! Easy to heat and serve, deliver premium quality handmade products, crafted with love by our team - perfect for plating familiarity and comfort.

Offering high protein options that provide an element of comfort is key to encouraging intake, especially for those with low appetites. Our Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta Gourmet Filo features hearty oven-roasted pumpkin, spinach and silverbeet in a creamy blend of crumbled fetta, onion, encased in filo pastry. It boasts over 1.5 serves of vegetables in each portion and is a good source of protein for vegetarian clients.


Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta Gourmet Filo

Share a little love by offering protein-rich hearty favourites like our Tender Steak & Guinness Deep Dish Pie, a good source of protein for the maintenance of normal bones and muscle mass*. Pair protein rich foods with home-y side dishes such as mashed potatoes and peas.


Tender Steak & Guinness Deep Dish Pie

Ensure your menu features classic dining table favourites like a hearty pasta dish. Our handmade Traditional Home-Style Beef Lasagne is the perfect addition, available pre-cut and ready to serve. Each portion provides 48.2% of the recommended daily protein intake**.


Traditional Home-style Beef Lasagne

A warming soup is a great way to help get more protein in for those with low appetites or clients who become fatigued during meals. Try our Corn Chowder Soup, a good source of protein, vegetarian and gluten free!

This soup is a crowd favourite on its own or can be dressed up with crispy bacon bits.


Corn Chowder Soup

Our products meet a variety of nutrition guidelines and diet codes for inpatient foodservice, venues in healthcare, aged care, schools and other institutions.

To enquire about our products or this information, contact our in-house dietitian on eleniz@helens.com.au or reach out to your local Helens sales representative.

*when eaten as part of a healthy diet

***based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ


Author:Eleni Zeniou, Dietitian (B.Nut & Diet. APD)