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Meet our CEO, Jimmy Zeniou

Posted by Helen's European Cuisine on 29 July 2022
Meet our CEO, Jimmy Zeniou

For nearly 30 years, Helen’s European Cuisine has brought people together to experience the connection between community and food, through their expansive range of homestyle Mediterranean-inspired dishes for any occasion.

Whether at Helen’s HQ or at home with family, the taste of home lies at the heart of CEO Jimmy Zeniou’s day-to-day communications. On the timeless importance of sharing a homestyle meal together, says Zeniou:

“It’s rewarding to see the excitement for food on the faces of family - no distractions, no TV, no computers. Just the one time of the day for us to enjoy time together and appreciate home cooking.”


In business, the Zenious hold the quality of their product to similar expectations of timelessness and - after near-thirty years of operation - the Helen’s team are well versed in responding to industry trends to meet these.

Despite staff shortages sweeping hospitality businesses nationwide, Jimmy notes these events as presenting unique circumstances in which to expand the Helen’s family - creating new employment opportunities for those seeking work during this time. 

COVID-19 saw many challenges for the food and hospitality industry, including supply chain and staffing shortages. Jimmy described how the Helen’s team and family lent in to its trusted and valued relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners to support them in any way they could. By keeping close to these valued partnerships, the Helen’s business and team were able to quickly adapt to customer needs and anticipate opportunities to support the industry through trying times.


This year, Helen’s enters its 30th year of operation, and Jimmy acknowledges particular industry trends as being key areas of focus for the business moving forward. As consumers learn more about the benefits of locally grown, natural ingredients, Helen’s intends to continue developing the contents of their products with ever-advancing nutritional information in mind. Supplying consumers with wider options to meet dietary preferences and needs also remains a central area of focus for Helen’s in their landmark year and beyond.

With founder Helen Zeniou’s childhood spent amongst the flavours of Cyprus, the Helen’s brand of today looks for new opportunities to introduce the Southern Hemisphere to international tastes, continually increasing their volume of production taking place here in Australia.


Above all, Jimmy looks forward to continued business expansion, and sharing the joy of homestyle cooking with Australian families for years to come.

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