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Gather your garnishes to inspire their appetite

Posted by Helen's European Cuisine on 17 April 2023
Gather your garnishes to inspire their appetite

Like bees to a flower, the humble garnish offers important buzz to a plate with diners drawn into the colour, texture or pollen—if you will—of a well-chosen garnish.

The psychology of colour studies how different colours evoke different thoughts and feelings. This science also applies to food and how it is presented. Research has demonstrated that when we consider quality on our plates, we first seek visual information which can be enhanced using colour and texture.

The garnish is an essential element in enhancing the visual presentation of every dish served to our customers. Consider how many times your own dining decision has been guided by food envy for what you saw presented on someone else’s plate.

So what are the key things to consider when gathering your garnishes?

  • Garnishes should always be functional. If you can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong on the plate.
  • Garnishes should always enhance the primary ingredient.
  • Garnishes should always add contrasting colours and textures.

From savoury to sweet, Helen’s garnishing ideas will have you not only enhancing your offer in your venue, but reinvigorating and upping your plating game.




Brighten up that all-important first meal of the day and spark healthy morning appetites by showcasing seasonal fresh fruit, edible florals or a sprinkle of seeds nuts, salads and vegetables.


Our delicious Corn & Zucchini Fritter resting on a bed of rocket, avocado and pomegranate will lift the aesthetic of the plate with complementary flavours.

A side of pear, rocket & balsamic salad will add additional colour to the plate beside our Provençale Quiche Lorraine with Streaky Bacon. A few shavings of parmesan cheese added to the golden quiche will bring out its cheesy flavours.

Frock up our Frittatas with a hearty village style Greek salad. The chunky tomatoes and cucumber will bring colour whilst olives, fetta and red onion add some extra taste and texture.

A slice of our Banana Bread with a swirl of maple butter in a ramekin and a scattering of walnuts can enhance flavour and increase texture.

Serve our Triple Choc Texas Muffin with pink hearts and some plump, fresh strawberries on the side for a pop of extra colour.

Pictured: Corn & Zucchini Fritters


Consider a lunch with crunch!


Dress up our gluten-free Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup with a dash of sour cream and freshly cracked black pepper and chopped parsley, or our gluten-free Corn Chowder Soup with a sprig of dill. We highly recommend adding a few crunchy croutons to bring extra crunch.

Pictured: Corn Chowder Soup


Freshen the palette with smooth and fresh textures alongside those morning and afternoon treats.


Of course, the jam and cream are a must-pair with our Traditional Scones. When strawberries aren’t in season, branch out and experiment with different berry flavours: a drizzly raspberry coulis, chunky blackberry compote or blueberries oven-roasted with vanilla bean. Lemon curd is an increasingly popular topping that can be made zestier with the addition of tart limes.

Next time you plate up our Gourmet Sticky Date Scones, drizzle a little butterscotch sauce on the plate and a generous dollop of whipped vanilla bean cream.



Resist the urge to add too many items to your garnish. A maximum of one to three carefully chosen elements is usually enough. Ensure the items are subtle and complementary.

HELEN’S HINT: Less is more!

Enjoy getting creative as you increase tastebud anticipation with your beautifully placed garnishes.


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