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We've had a long relationship with Helen's - going on 20 years now! Looking forward to a long future ahead together!

George from Atomic Coffee & Catering (Owner)

This relationship with Helen's has been great, and I'm hoping that for many years, we can continue to grow it!

Chris Parker from Our Cafe (Owner)

I've been using Helen's products for over two years now!

Colin from Tiddlywinks

I think Helen's have not just great products, but great people too. The team at Helen's have always been very helpful, with great customer service. Any time I ring up and ask anything, they are always there to answer me. My customers absolutely love the filos and pastries, and regular customers come in asking specifically for certain products too! The catalogue is a great resource to see if there is anything I need to answer about the products that I don't have the answer to off the top of my head. I know that if if I ever have any problems, they will solve it immediately - it's customer service at its best!

Sandra Lewry from Grafton Jungle Gym & Cafe (Manager)

As tea specialists, e are a small shop with a large customer base for high teas. We've been in business for 4 years, and have been using Helen's products for half that time now. The sweets we order in are quite popular and always get a lot of positive comments from customers. When they started requesting gluten-free products, Helen's really stepped up - the taste and variety are great! The Point of Sale Tags are such a time-saver too. Customers know what they want and what they're eating, and they can order really quickly too! We always try and purchase Helen's when we can!

Frances from Tea on the Terrace (Owner)

I absolutely LOVE Helen's products! In the 8 years I've been running this cafe with my wife Donna, I've always prided myself in the quality of the products I made myself and refused to buy from anyone else. That is, until Helen's European Cuisine came along. Such diversity and range, and you can taste the love that's gone into their making. It's great to have a fail safe, quality product in the freezer that you're confident about. My customers actually come in looking for the Helen's products we stock; the filos and pies are especially popular. The flavours are so full and you can taste the quality ingredients in every bite! We look forward to trying some more of the range soon!

Philip Down from Coffee Art Cafe (Owner)

Just wanted to pass on how happy we were with the finger food platters we ordered for our sons 21st party. The party goers devoured everything and I received lots of compliments about the quality of the food! Easy preparation made my night much more relaxed than I thought it would be. Thanks so much.

Bernadette Wadley from A Catering Order

Looove the banana and Raspberry loaf.

Georgie H from Lillywhite Hotel Group

I really love Helen’s Cuisine. I found out about you by asking a cafe in Beenleigh where they purchased their products. I have now had two cafes in the area and always use Helen’s products. They are great and very tasty.

Carol T from Koffee @ Tiffanys

I have just recently discovered the great selection of Helen’s products, and currently stock over 20 items in my store. I have found that the consistently high quality of the products has ensured return customers. My customers love how easy it is to get an excellent meal with no hassle by utilising the Helen’s range. The Point of Sale merchandising is absolutely brilliant and can indeed increase sales by 30% or more. The staff at Helen’s are always happy to assist with any enquiry, and are committed to ensuring a successful and hassle-free purchasing experience. For a quality product and friendly service, I would recommend Helen’s to anyone.

Jo Ann from IGA Magnetic Harbour

Thanks Helens for listening, I love the idea of a pre-portioned soup as my cafes just have to pour it into the bowl and the serving is spot on every time! my customers love the homemade taste that Helens products provide.

Nitin Jakhwal from Bean Bar Head Office (Owner)

Texas muffins! Everybody loves them!

DANA from Cafe Aroma

Great traditional orange cake, tastes just like it should

Chris from Mill Cafe

Everything is great, you really can’t go wrong buying form you guys

Jack from My Little Café

"We absolutely love Helens products, and our customers do too! Helen's savoury tarts just walk out the door, while her Banana Bread is difficult to keep in stock as it sells so quickly."

Tracey Wreford from Wallaroo Deli Takeaway (Owner)

Point of Sale Tags - Some time ago I asked my cousin Christa (and a few others) to trial a very nifty point of sale concept which our clever marketing team at Helen’s had spent countless hours researching and refining. I saw Christa at a family event recently and what she said was so powerful I thought I’ve got to tell our customers about this. Here’s what Christa said: “No question that the individual product point of sales signs are working. I’d estimate around 15% more sales over the period and there has been two other unexpected benefits. Firstly, customers are more confident in ordering because they order by name rather than pointing and secondly the order process is quicker.” ...I knew I was onto something, and now I want to share it with you!

Christa from Fresh Idea

Straight up, I'm biased! Way back in 1993 I discovered Helen Zeniou and was blown away by the quality of her home style traditional cooking and the good old fashioned service her team provided. I bought her home-made products for our first store The Coffee Club Eagle Street Pier and the response from my customers was overwhelming. I encouraged her to get factory premises and produce in earnest... the end result is what Helen's European Cuisine is today, and I smile every time I'm snacking on one of their products and I think back to the early days. And here I am many, many years later, a continuous customer with stores all over Australia and Helens products still playing a big role in our menu mix. Why? Great people to deal with, brilliant product range and quality that is consistently the best in the industry. Long may we be partners in business because the chemistry is right. Our customers tell us so!

John Lazarou from The Coffee Club (Joint Founder & Current Director)

You cannot improve on "best" and that's EXACTLY how I would describe the gourmet filo range as produced by Helen's European Cuisine. Not that I've actually sat down to work it out, but it wouldn't surprise me if the filos I have bought from Helen's over many, many years when laid side by side would stretch the length of the Great Wall of China... they are just that popular with our customers, irrespective of age and demographics. When you combine unbeatable quality, taste, range with service, you get Helen's European Cuisine!

John Lazarou from The Coffee Club (Joint Founder & Current Director)

The savoury muffins from Helens are an ideal all day snack option, the range caters for vegetarians and the meat lovers. They are quick and easy to serve. They can be served warmed with butter, cream cheese, or a salad. I have been selling them at my Garden City Coffee Club for nearly ten years and they have always been a great seller. They are a great idea for customers that don’t want something sweet or a big meal. You can still sell them for a reasonable price and are able to suggest additions on the side. They can be heated and served from front of house so putting less pressure on our already busy kitchens. They are also a great idea as a grab and go item for those busy customers that don’t have time to wait for a meal from the kitchen. A great idea in any cabinet.

Natalie Hughes from The Coffee Club Garden City W.A. (Store Manager)

The Gluten Free Products & Burittos are a Sellout! They walk out the door fast, so I am doubling up on my weekly orders. Thank you Helen's.

Jess from Ambarella Fine Foods (Manager)

I have been awaiting some great tasting Gluten Free Products, and Helens Gluten Free Fritatta taste Fantastic. I am very happy with the New Products available, and have already added them to my menu.

Patrik from Fuel Espresso Annerley (Owner)

I love your product your Vege Scrolls, Chicken Camembert filos are amazing just to name a couple of products. I wish you continued success with your business

Annie Murphy from Remote Site (KItchen Supervisor)

Backhaus Bakery & our Prahran markets outlet (Melbourne) are highly regarded for our authentic European style breads, but we wanted to augment it with a quality range of complementary filos, quiches, tarts, scrolls and pies without having the hassle of producing it ourselves. An Australia-wide search of all possibilities produced just one company which matched our exacting requirements – Helen’s European Cuisine, based in Brisbane and supplying the east coast on a next day delivery basis. We are extremely delighted with all aspects, from the product quality to delivery and ease of doing business. They are a good match and its pleasant doing business with nice people. For example, at Prahran Markets where we can really interact with our customers and we constantly get positive feedback on the Helen’s product range like ‘where have you been all these years’, ‘great product’, ‘your product range is fantastic’, ‘brilliant quality and taste’.

Claude Grech from Back Haus Bakery (Owner)

My husband has been selling quality goods from Helen's since 2003. He always knows when he sells Helens, he is selling quality. This week he brought home some soup samples. Wow, what can I say! I thought I was the Queen of pumpkin soup! What a delicious soup, flavours so deep and tasty -delicious. The difference between Helen's and some other producers is when eating Helens, you can taste the real flavours of the fresh quality ingredients. Thank you Helen's.

Amanda Dekel from AIV - Australian Independant Vendors Brisbane City
Reply: Thank you so much Amanda, so glad you loved our homemade pumpkin soup I will make sure the guys from peeling to pumpkins to cooking them hear your kind comments!

I just wanted to say a few comments about your products , as a franchisee of the coffee club we are always looking for high quality products that are consistently of a high standard in terms of taste ,shelf life and presentation Helens products certainly deliver on this . We are in a busy shopping centre where and improved speed of service is what we are always striving for and Helens products allow us to deliver a high quality product from cabinet to plate to table in a very short time whilst delivering us with an excellent cost of goods. It is such a pleasure to see our customers return and order their favourite Helens products time after time.

Les from The Coffee Club (Franchisee Tea Tree Plaza/ Henley Beach)

We'd just like to take a moment to THANK Helen's European Cuisine for their wonderful support during our recent 1st birthday celebrations...their generosity and participation assisted us to raise funds for Pay A Sack Forward - PASF which is a cause very close to our hearts. We've been impressed by their professional service since we opened a year ago and we're proud to continue serving delectable items from their extensive range of pies, frittatas, muffins and sweets. At Espresso House Windsor, we're only interested in serving high quality handmade food that's consistent, fresh and presents beautifully in our display cabinet. Judging by the valuable feedback from our house guests, it's clear that Helen's fits our criteria nicely.... Thanks Helen's for a taste of Europe in every Australian made and owned bite!

Robbie & Michelle from Espresso House Windsor

With the somewhat dubious nickname of “Sir Lunchalot”, I guess you could say I’m a foodie and having sampled a number of your products, the taste and quality is as if Helen was personally cooking for me and me alone. I don’t know how you do it, but keep doing it. Consistently excellent!

Damien Parker from Prominent Queensland Businessman (and lover of a long quality lunch)

"We have been using Helen’s European Cuisine since we took over the business some 9 years ago, the quality of the product is superb, the taste is fantastic and the look is great. We would surely recommend their products to anyone “ The Coffee Club Adelaide Central Plaza Adelaide Peter and Larry (Adelaide Coffee Crowd Pty Ltd).

Larry from The Coffee Club Adelaide Central Plaza

Beautiful tasty food, quality ingredients, friendly staff and professional service are just some of the reasons why we have been dealing with Helen's for over 15 years. Keep up the good work.

Trent from Global Fine Food in Ashgrove

I have been ordering from Helen’s since August 2006 – as did the previous owner of my store. Helen’s has always kept me happy across the board, from it’s great product to the excellent phone ordering and delivery services.

Gail from Outlook Deli in Bardon

I am so impressed with Helen's Baklava and Shortbread! Anybody can make them and freeze them, but the way Helen's products look and taste once defrosted is very impressive. You should be proud!

John from King Yiros in Mansfield

We’ve been selling Helen’s filos in our butcher shop for a couple of years now, and business just keeps getting better and better!

Chard from Meat @ Metropol in Carindale

With Helen's, you can trust fresh, quality ingredients in a well-presented product.

Judy from Green Double-Decker in Capalaba
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