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Corn Chowder Gluten Free

Gluten Free and Vegetarian but more importantly a hearty American style chowder packed with Sweet Corn. Try adding Clams, Bacon or Scallops with a dash of fresh cream.

Creamy Pumpkin Gourmet Soup

Thick and creamy style pumpkin soup seasoned with ground nutmeg and white pepper.

Lasagne IND Roast Pumpkin & Spinach

A rich and colourful filling of oven-roasted pumpkin; layered with our homemade Napolitana Sauce, and a creamy cheese blend of crumbled fetta, onion,spices and simmered garden spinach.

Lasagne IND Traditional Beef

Fresh homemade pasta and creamy B├ęchamel sauce layered with a rich Bolognaise of beef mince, Italian crushed tomatoes, garlic and basil.

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Straight up, I'm biased! Way back in 1993 I discovered Helen Zeniou and was blown away by the quality of her home style traditional cooking and the good old fashioned service her team provided. I bought her home-made products for our first store The Coffee Club Eagle Street Pier and the response from my customers was overwhelming. I encouraged her to get factory premises and produce in earnest... the end result is what Helen's European Cuisine is today, and I smile every time I'm snacking on one of their products and I think back to the early days. And here I am many, many years later, a continuous customer with stores all over Australia and Helens products still playing a big role in our menu mix. Why? Great people to deal with, brilliant product range and quality that is consistently the best in the industry. Long may we be partners in business because the chemistry is right. Our customers tell us so!

John Lazarou from The Coffee Club (Joint Founder & Current Director)
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Product Of The Month

Garden Spinach & Fetta Premium Filo
"Wow. Great combination of tastes."
Simmered garden spinach enfolded in a creamy cheese blend of crumbled fetta with onion and spices, wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry.

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Opportunities don't just happen, you create them.

Chris Grosser

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