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Jimmy Zeniou

Hello, I’m Jimmy Zeniou, convener of Helen’s Business Cafe, a self-help community for Professional cafe, coffee shop and food outlet operators in Australia where the aim is very definitely on working smarter, not harder through the sharing of vital, timely and highly profitable information amongst a large group of like-minded people.

What would it feel like to have hundreds, even thousands of experienced operators, just like you, advising you and giving you their very best tips in an objective and non-critical way and for FREE?

What would it feel like to be able to share your problems, stresses & frustrations with other experienced operators knowing, they have faced these same issues & know precisely how to overcome them?

Okay Jimmy, I know where you’re going with this and I’m in. I’m signing up. Go HERE to enter your email address and to click the “Join Now” button

As the managing director of Helen’s European Cuisine I have spoken to literally hundreds and hundreds of cafe, coffee shop and food outlet operators. They are my customers and also my friends...some of whom I have known for close on 20 years.

I talk to them regularly and I know the problems, frustrations and stresses that go with operating a cafe and food outlet business in Australia on a day-to-day basis.

I also know the problems frustrations and stresses from physically doing exactly what you’re doing right now because, in the past, I and my family have owned six such businesses and I know the issues, I know the frustrations, and I know the stresses.

I also know about the loneliness of operating within our industry.

Just who do you turn to for advice? Ours is a very fragmented industry where 85% of operators in Australia who are operating in isolation, with no proper structures and no formal advice options.

We all just do our own thing, and because we don’t have people or a network to bounce ideas off, we tend to do what we’ve always done – and often we do the wrong thing....or do the right thing the wrong way...or not the most effective way, because we just don’t know.

You see, everything in life is difficult until we know how to do it, and then, once we know, it is easy.

Within our industry, there are some very astute operators and how they do things, even the little things, can make for a substantial difference in the sales, profits and cash which are generated.

I’ve seen differences of 500% from the same outlet between a smart operator and a not-so-smart operator! The good operators have secrets, proven how-to methods, simple strategies and practical ways and means of maximising their profitability.

It’s my intention with the Helens Business Cafe that we can take a few of the lessons to be learned from the smart operators and share the success secrets amongst a community of like-minded business people who are willing to put aside petty jealousies in the hope of exchanging vital information which will help us all to substantially improve the sales, profits and cash within our businesses.

Not only that, I believe it is entirely possible that, through sharing vital information, not only will profitability increase, so too will the enjoyment you get from running a more successful, de-stressed business.

I’d also like to think that it’s entirely possible to do all of this without you having to work as hard as you do.

Let’s work smart, not hard...and we can when we share and adopt the smart ways of doing things.

It’s time for you to claw back valuable hours each week so you can spend it with family, friends and leisure pursuits.

I genuinely believe that, in a spirit of co-operation and the sharing of good, practical ideas which work, the cafe operator in Tully in North Queensland can assist the cafe operator in Bunbury in Western Australia and in all towns and cities in between.

After all, our competition isn’t just the other operators within our industry it’s much broader than that, it’s every business that seeks to soak up the discretionary dollar in Australia. It’s the restaurants, sport and entertainment venues and gambling, to name but a few.

Together, let’s fight for a greater share of that discretionary dollar.

Creating this sense of industry community is something I am passionate about and I am prepared to invest both time and capital to get things happening.

At my company, Helen’s European cuisine, I have my people working on developing a website which will contain information, valuable calculators, white papers, special action reports and most importantly, surveys and suggestion tips to assist you increase your sales, profits and cash with less stress and more enjoyment.

I have engaged Damien Parker, one of Australia’s most respected practical business educators, to work alongside me in creating this community and in time, we will be launching a weekly email newsletter and twice monthly podcasts.

Before I ask you to make a commitment and join me, I want you to know that your information will be kept absolutely confidential; we will not under any circumstances distribute your detail to others. Moreover, you can participate and make suggestions in an anonymous fashion. The most important thing is that you contribute to the general base of information for all of us.

But it starts with commitment, and if you are a cafe, coffee shop or food outlet proprietor in Australia I want you to join me now.

You can do so now by clicking HERE. Enter your mail address and hit the “Join Now” button.

Moreover, I want you to recommend this community to the other operators whom you know and believe they too will benefit from a broader base of vital tips and tricks suggestions and solutions that will assist all of us in that quest for more sales, profits and cash with less stress and more enjoyment.

Please, if there are any points of concern, do contact me or my staff.

And now it’s time for you to action your intention. Click HERE.

Fill in your name and email address and then proceed to the subsequent pages which will allow us to begin to assist you.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Helens Business Cafe community.

Kind regards,

Jimmy Zeniou
Helen’s Business Cafe

PS., there is NO DOWNSIDE here...only massive UPSIDE! There is no cost to you, it’s FREE...all I ask is that you participate willingly and freely!
Attention: Professional Cafe, Coffee Shop & Food Outlet Operators

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