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Scone Plain

Our hand made scones are light, moist and perfectly sweet, lightly floured

Scone Pumpkin

Packed with pureed Queensland-grown pumpkin, this brand new sweet, bright-coloured scone is a wonderful treat for any time of day.

Scone Sticky Date

Hand made with delicious dates and caramel pieces

Scone Sultana

Our traditional scone stuffed with delicious sultanas that we've soaked in orange syrup overnight, so they're plump, juicy and full of flavour.

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Point of Sale Tags - Some time ago I asked my cousin Christa (and a few others) to trial a very nifty point of sale concept which our clever marketing team at Helen’s had spent countless hours researching and refining. I saw Christa at a family event recently and what she said was so powerful I thought I’ve got to tell our customers about this. Here’s what Christa said: “No question that the individual product point of sales signs are working. I’d estimate around 15% more sales over the period and there has been two other unexpected benefits. Firstly, customers are more confident in ordering because they order by name rather than pointing and secondly the order process is quicker.” ...I knew I was onto something, and now I want to share it with you!

Christa from Fresh Idea
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Product Of The Month

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Gourmet Filo
"This is sensational. Everyone loves it."
Whole chicken tenderloin marinated in white wine, enfolded in a creamy homemade mushroom sauce and wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry.

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People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Dale Carnegie

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